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Orchestra | Choir | Recording | Post-production

Bratislava Symphony Orchestra

The initials of the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra (BSO) made it inevitable that it would become one of the most popular European orchestras in the world for recording film scores, pop music, commercials, and recently video games.

Orchestra | Choir | Recording | Post-production

BSO Team

The Bratislava Symphony Orchestra (BSO) employs a team of over 10 professionals, including conductors, choir conductors, recording technicians, archivists, orchestrators, and video producers, to produce its recordings. Led by David Hernando Rico, this team ensures that all recordings are completed to the highest standards.

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Orchestra | Choir | Recording | Post-production


Many renowned composers, such as Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe, Brian Tyler, Roque Baños, Joan Valent, and Michel Legrand, have recorded their music with the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra.

Among many other accolades, recordings made with the BSO have won several BAFTA, Grammy, and Goya awards.

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